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Construction Drawing Designer

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Minimum Education:

Undergraduate Course

Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work Area:

Job responsibilities:

1. Cooperate with the project manager to complete the preliminary design and construction drawing design;

2. Fully understand the requirements of scheme design, understand the contents of scheme and expansion, deepen the design of construction drawings, familiarize with the practices of various garden sketches, deepen the drawing of CAD engineering drawings;

3. Participate in the arrangement and filing of landscape engineering drawings.



1. Graduated from Environmental Art and Landscape (Landscape) related majors with more than two years'experience in landscape construction drawing design;

2. Familiar with the standard of landscape construction drawing, can independently complete the landscape construction drawing design work;

3. It can cooperate with the later construction site.

4. Skillful use of CAD, Photoshop and other graphic design software;

5. Strong communication and teamwork skills;

6. Experience in large design institutes, joint ventures or overseas design companies is preferred.

7. Have certain budgetary estimating ability for project cost. Wide access to software is preferred.