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Marketing Specialist

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Minimum Education:

Junior College

Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work Area:

Job Responsibilities:
1. Independently carry out and cooperate with leaders to carry out relevant market expansion work;
2. Responsible for the collection, classification and management of customer information, and establish and improve customer profile information;
3. Participate in the compilation of market planning and marketing plans, organize market research information, and analyze the distribution of customers in market segments;
4. Collect and summarize the company's annual, quarterly and monthly market input and expansion expenses budget and usage;
5. Media relationship management, including publication of graphic magazine articles, publication of press releases, and participation in social activities;
6. Expand customers through various legal and effective ways;
7. Cooperate with the Ministry of Commerce to produce contracts, dunning and bidding documents;
8. The company's project PPT update;
1. College graduates, structural, engineering management, cost, landscape, garden, construction, machinery, electronics, automation, marketing, real estate or planning and design related graduates are better, more than 1 year of work experience in this position;
2. Open up new channels of cooperation and assist department leaders in negotiating cooperation;
3, excellent marketing propaganda plan and business negotiation ability, solid writing skills; good image temperament, clear thinking, open, unique insights; fluent in Mandarin, skilled communication skills;
4. Excellent judgment, good at summarizing, good at communication, familiar with the market operation rules of real estate and architectural landscape design, and have a deep understanding of the real estate industry and architectural design industry.
5, good co-ordination, organization, coordination, high sense of responsibility, communication, team coordination and outstanding ability. Responsible, proactive and able to adapt to the high-efficiency working environment of foreign companies; work experience in large design institutes, joint ventures or overseas design companies is preferred;