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BJF International Design invited Chinese medicine practitioners to protect the health of their students

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After the 10.1 holiday, BJF's internationally designed children's shoes came to the company to find a number of white brothers, and arranged a separate office. It turned out that this is the company's long-term desk work for children's shoes, which is easy to cause fatigue damage to the cervical vertebrae, especially to Chinese medicine. Physicians use traditional acupuncture and cupping and other therapies to treat diseases, regulate body and mind, improve the sub-health status of everyone, and effectively implement the care of employees and relieve the worries of children's shoes. After the treatment, everyone praised the company's thoughtful and thoughtful staff care.



Celebrate June 1 and walk together! BJF (Baojiafeng) International Design pays attention to employee families and cares for children's growth

On the occasion of Children's Day, BJF (Baojiafeng) international design partners celebrated June 1st, employees with children and surprise gifts can be collected, the company prepared a special Child


520 special gift! BJF (Bao Jiafeng) international design team took a one-day tour of International Horticultural Exposition!

On May 19th, at the dawn of 520, all the staff of BJF International Design went to the World Expo 2019 to have a day trip, broaden their horizons and experience the current design and design trends.


Dance with the giants, occupy the forefront of the industry. BJF invited Taikang to attend Wuhan World Health Expo

On April 8, the World Health Expo with the theme of "Science and Technology, healthy Future" opened at Wuhan International Expo Center. More than 1800 delegates from 26 countries and regions gathered