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BJF International Design and Industry discussion on the 8th Garden and Metallurgical Summit Forum and Asian Gardens Congress

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From March 23 to 24, 2018, the 8th Garden and Metallurgical Summit Forum and Asian Gardens Congress were successfully held in Xinjiang Mansion, Beijing, organized by the Organizing Committee of the International Competition for the Garden and Metallurgica.



At the invitation of the organizers, Dr. Fu Qiang, President of BJF International Design, and Ms. Kou Hang, the chief designer, attended the meeting with Pascal Q. Hofstein, President of the SFA Architects Association of France, and Luo Huatuan, former Deputy Director of the Singapore Environmental Protection Agency. IFLA Asia Pacific Chairman Damian Tang and other leading experts in the field sit back, focus on the industryundefineds frontiers, share classic cases, and bring an academic feast to the audience.



At the meeting, Ms. Kou Hang delivered a speech entitled "practice and Exploration of Landscape Planning and Design in Special towns". Taking the excellent towns with special features at home and abroad as an example, and combining the current domestic environment, starting from the actual project planning and landscape, This paper analyzes and induces the special town and cultural travel projects, and puts forward its own unique views from the aspects of culture, experience, function and environment.


Ms. Kou Hangundefineds speech aroused wide resonance and heated discussion among experts at home and abroad, and put forward her own questions on the subject. Ms. Kou Hang also answered them one by one, and the atmosphere was very good.

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