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Who are we?

BJF International Design is a 15-year history of international design companies, with a major team from Europe, North America working experience and more than 100 professional designers, has formed the "BJF real estate" and "BJF literary travel" two major plates, In 80 cities in the country 500 high-quality projects, achieved landscape engineering design class A qualification, "the most influential design enterprise in the country" and other honorary titles, such as the Golden disk Award, Zhan Tianyou Award, Yuan Ye Cup, Ai Jing Award and many other domestic and foreign design awards. With the front-line comprehensive strength of the industry is highly recognized by peers and high-quality customers, it is one of the most powerful planning and landscape design companies in China.  

BJF international design team has a leading design philosophy, diverse international background, and excellent design level. On the road of internationalization, we have always adhered to the concept of "embracing change" and "integrating global resources," continuously introducing foreign designers with international influence, enriching the companyundefineds talent structure, and enhancing its core competitiveness. Strong combination with designers with overseas experience, deep local experience and broad international vision can meet the challenges of various complex environmental landscape problems. BJF International Design pursues functionality and rationality. The perfect combination of art and creativity, from creativity to implementation of the whole process of project management, to ensure that excellent design can become a floor-to-ground boutique.  

BJF is committed to the mission of "innovative quality environment, leading a better life", adheres to the cornerstone principle of "doing fine goods, making word of mouth", and uses landscape methodology in community environment, business complex, cultural tourism, characteristic towns, urban design, and so on. Regional planning and other areas customized, systematic, integrated professional solutions. In the future, the more than 100-strong BJF team will continue to strive for the creation of high-quality environmental landscape, deeply rooted in interdisciplinary cooperation, craft, social and environmental responsibility, with extraordinary design, The whole-process service and operation concept creates every environment space, continuously pursues the ultimate aesthetics of landscape innovation, and aims to become the leader of the environmental landscape design industry.


Our differences

International Perspective

The company has more than 100 experienced professional designers and creative teams from Europe and North America. It has a broad international vision and leading design concepts. At the same time, it combines Eastern aesthetic standards, natural environment, ergonomics and behavior habits to solve complex problems from all aspects.


Focusing on cultivating the core competitive advantages of creative planning and landscape, we are good at planning and landscape design services in such fields as commercial and office space, Hotel and tourism vacation, Park and urban public open space, land use and new town development, comprehensive real estate development and community, characteristic cultural towns and science and Technology Industrial parks, ecosystem sustainable development research and so on. Work carefully, weed out the old and bring forth the new.

Elite Serrvice

The company has brought together a group of foreign designers with international influence and overseas design elites who pursue sentiment. They have a persistent pursuit of the ultimate experience of the project and can provide creative solutions. Whatever the size of the project, it ensures that the core creators are personally involved in the whole process of project creativity and design control.

Cross-field Integration

BJF International Design advocates cross-domain integrated design, emphasizes the intersection, tandem and integration of various specialties, and is good at observing and creating a humanized environment from a variety of professional perspectives to provide comprehensive solutions for the project.

Value Added

BJF International Design Planning and Landscape Design is based on humanism and board-landscape design concepts. It combines rigorous and rational functional analysis with deep context research, pursues the perfect combination of functionality, rationality, artistry and creativity, creates the ultimate experience, and achieves the maximum value-added of customer products.